Alternate Access Mappings: another URL to your site

Scenario: How to assign a different internet URL to SharePoint 2010 site ? Explanation: Alternate access mappings enable a Web application that receives a request for an internal URL, in one of the five authentication zones, to return pages that contain links to the public URL for the zone. You can associate a Web applicationContinue reading “Alternate Access Mappings: another URL to your site”

SharePoint Feature Upgrade: Update all Sharepoint modules

Hi, In my previous post, I have explain basics overview of feature upgrade. But in some specific scenarios, like update xslt, masterpage, css files which are already deployed to libraries, it is required to write a custom code which will iterate through file content and replace it with new one. This post is not aContinue reading “SharePoint Feature Upgrade: Update all Sharepoint modules”

SharePoint Feature Upgrade:Introduction

Hi, Every SharePoint Feature has a version number(by default ““) that is specified in the corresponding Feature.xml file. When a Feature is activated at a specified scope, a Feature instance is created that is associated with that version of the Feature. Feature versioning in SharePoint Foundation allows Features and their associated instances to be easilyContinue reading “SharePoint Feature Upgrade:Introduction”

Integrating ADFS with Sharepoint

Hi, I found a very useful and working like for those SharePoint Devs who really want to integrate ADFS with SharePoint. Below is the link of that post: I have tried implementing all those steps mentioned in that blog and it really worked for me. Thanks for time:)

Hide Quick Launch, Top bar and Ribbon from SharePoint 2010

Hi, I found many ways to hide various out of box controls like quick launch, ribbon, top bar etc on SharePoint page. But not all the solutions feasible in all the scenarios. Most of you experts are aware to implement this using the CSS styles. I am just collating the possible solutions at one placeContinue reading “Hide Quick Launch, Top bar and Ribbon from SharePoint 2010”

SharePoint 2010 directories

Hi, I am listing down the various folders structures which are created by SharePoint 2010 installation. First have a look on those folders which are created by installation and configuration: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss – Hope most of you are aware of this directory which is usded by IIS server as a default location is used as theContinue reading “SharePoint 2010 directories”