Hide Quick Launch, Top bar and Ribbon from SharePoint 2010


I found many ways to hide various out of box controls like quick launch, ribbon, top bar etc on SharePoint page. But not all the solutions feasible in all the scenarios. Most of you experts are aware to implement this using the CSS styles. I am just collating the possible solutions at one place which I hope will be beneficial to make the choice of adopting suitable solution.

1)  Make it Dialog page:

SharePoint will hide these elements when It gets IsDlg Parameter on URL[ ?IsDlg=1 ].

2) Update the Masterpage:

Simple Just add the below css Code in Application Page under PlaceHolderMain section.

<style type=”text/css”>

/*–Hide Quick Launch –*/
display:none !important;
margin-left:0px !important;

/*–Hide Top bar and Ribbon –*/

#s4-ribbonrow, .ms-cui-topBar2, .s4-notdlg, .s4-pr s4-ribbonrowhidetitle, .s4-notdlg noindex, #ms-cui-ribbonTopBars, #s4-titlerow, #s4-pr s4-notdlg s4-titlerowhidetitle {display:none !important;}


3) For Non-Publishing sites: Create content query webpart that now has the name Content Editor and add the following text in the HTML Source mode:

/*--Hide Quick Launch --*/

Note : If you use code to hide toolbars in SharePoint Site Pages with Content Editor Webpart then you can’t check in the page since the toolbar goes hidden.

If you still want to use this code on Site Pages then add Content Editor Webpart and paste the above code. When you want to make other changes then open the page in browser with parameters [ ?Contents=1 ] which opens the page in WebPart maintenance mode. Remove the content editor webpart and re-open the page. Make the changes and add content editor webpart at last along the CSS Code. To check in the page use Site Pages Library.

4) Publishing sites: If you are using a publishing site for your homepage simply add the same styles specified above to a custom page layout. That way if you have a need for other pages that do not need the left side navigation you can re-use the page layout.




Thanks for your Time…:)


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