Change Favicon for SP 2013

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Favicon, Sometimes user come across some websites which shows logo instead of explorer logo in Address bar. A typical example is Google, login to Google with IE and watch address bar. You can see Google logo then the URL. This icon is stored in the PC when we add the sites as bookmarks. When you open bookmarks menu the site name will show with the icon.

SharePoint 2013 comes with a blue Favicon FAVICON and it’s resides in SharePoint Root Folder\Template\Images [C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\IMAGES\].

Create your own Favicon?
It’s very simple to create favicon. All you need is the company logo or image(in JPG/PNG/GIF format) which you want to create based on and internet connection. Open browser and enter . Then click Choose File Button and select your image. Click Create Icon Button. Now the site will create favicon based on image given and it’s ready to download. Download and save it in your PC.

How to set Favicon site?

There are two possible ways to set the favicon:

1) (Not Recommended)Change the default SharePoint Favicon:

Open this folder(C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\IMAGES\) and search for favicon.ico and rename the file to FaviconBackup.ico. Now copy your favicon to this folder and make sure it’s named as “favicon.ico”. Now restart IIS(open Command Prompt -> IISReset), clear browser cache/temporary internet files. Close the browser and reopen then browse the SharePoint site.

2) In SharePoint Designer or any other editing tool open your site Master Pages or if you are using default oslo.master, then select the master page that will show the new favicon. Now click “Edit File” link to add the favicon code. If it asks for check out, click yes and continue.
Find <SharePoint:SPShortcutIcon ID=”SPShortcutIcon1″ runat=”server” IconUrl=”/_layouts/images/favicon.ico”/>and change the name of the favicon. Save and close (If you have checked out then you need to check in and site collection administrator has to approve it via Site Settings -> Galleries -> Master pages and page layouts -> Check in and Approve). Now reset IIS/clear browser cache and check.

Cheers !!

Published by Mohit Vashishtha

Having extensive experience in software industry as a Team Lead and SharePoint consultant. I have worked with various MS technologies like SharePoint, .Net, AngularJS and Angular 6. I love to learn and share new things which I learn during my experience.

9 thoughts on “Change Favicon for SP 2013

  1. Hi!
    I’ve tried Your solution, but it only changes the icon when I log in to “” But as soon as I choose either team site, or my Public site ( it goes back to the standard SP icon…

    I haven’t changed the icon itself because SharePoint designer 2013 doesn’t see any files in the image folder so I can’t find it.

    So I went with editing the master pages. I even uploaded the Picture to a Public folder and wrote the full adress: “”. Still the same results…

    What should I do?


    1. Hi Leonardo,

      After reading your case, I can suggest you few options which you can check:
      1) Make sure you have updated all the master pages of the site. If you are using separate master page for your public site then you have to change master page for same.
      2) It does not matter what address you are using for FavIcon, provided that image address works.
      3) Also check on other browsers sometimes it happens that favIcon is displaying in one browser but it not working on other.

      Hope my points will be helpful to you. Please revert if it solves your problem.


  2. Excellent article and help, appreciated. I do see that it replaced the SP blue icon on the tab but when i created a shortcut to desktop, it does not show me the updated icon rather blue SP icon. Any suggestions to fix this?


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