4 thoughts on “Create Metadata terms structure with CSV using Powershell

    1. Hi Vishal,
      Thanks to you first for referring my blog.
      To answer your query, if you notice that the format of CSV file is like:

      Term Set Name,Term Set Description,LCID,Available for Tagging,Term Description,Level 1

      There you can set description for each term. Let me know if I didn’t get your question.

      Mohit Vashishtha


  1. Christian

    This is great! I was looking for something like this. But I have one Problem: What if I have also one (or maybe more) translations of my Terms. Let’s say I want to expand the CSV-file so that there is next to every “Level x Term”-column a column called “Level x Term German”. How do I need to Change your code that it will Import it correctly? I tried it with “CreateLabel” but I only get Error-Messages. Can you Help me with that?


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