Powershell: Change Like and comments settings of a library


Recently I was working on the requirement to enable the like and comments settings of any library. So I prefer to use PowerShell script for same. I am sharing the code as below:

function Change-SettingsForLikeComment()
# Change page library settings for Likes and comments
if($list -ne $null)
Write-Host $list.Title “not null”;
$assembly=[System.Reflection.Assembly]::Load(“Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c”)
$reputationHelper =$assembly.GetType(“Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.ReputationHelper”);

$bindings = @(“EnableReputation”, “NonPublic”, “Static”);
[System.Reflection.BindingFlags]$flags = [System.Reflection.BindingFlags]::Static -bor [System.Reflection.BindingFlags]::NonPublic;

$methodInfo = $reputationHelper.GetMethod(“EnableReputation”, $flags);

#For enabling Ratings
#$values = @($list, “Ratings”, $false);

#OR for enabling Likes
$values = @($list, “Likes”, $false);

$methodInfo.Invoke($null, @($values));

#For disable Rating or Likes
<#$methodInfo = $reputationHelper.GetMethod(“DisableReputation”, $flags);
$disableValues = @($list);
$methodInfo.Invoke($null, @($disableValues));#>


This code will work for Pages library as in most of the cases we prefer to use pages library as a news library. One just have to create a $web object by using the command:

$url= “<url of your sute>“;
$web=Get-SPWeb $url;

and call the method:


Thatz it for now. Thanks for time.

Will be back with more scripts!!

Published by Mohit Vashishtha

Having extensive experience in software industry as a Team Lead and SharePoint consultant. I have worked with various MS technologies like SharePoint, .Net, AngularJS and Angular 6. I love to learn and share new things which I learn during my experience.

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