Not able to Edit web part


It is weird if you have full rights and still you are not able to edit the web parts. Well I should say its exacted in some sense. SharePoint is a product which gives flexibility to configure your portal as you want. So what is the trick behind this issue.

Let me clear it should not treated like an issue instead its a security setting which is restricting users having full permissions to even edit the web parts on web application. So question is where can I find this setting.

Central Admin > Application Management > Manage Web applications >  select your web application >Web Part Security.

As per this setting you can configure:

1) Web Part Connections: Allow users to create connection between webparts

2) Online Web Part Gallery: Allow user to access the online web part Gallery.

3) Scriptable Web Parts: Allow contributors to add and edit scriptable Web parts

We are more interested in the third setting which allows/restrick contributors to edit of add web parts.

There are two possible ways you can achieve editing web parts on the page:

I) Disable this setting I mention in Central Administration like this:
– Go to Central Admin > Application Management > Manage Web applications
-select your web application that you want to make this change on (yes, this can only be done at the web application level which kind of sucks)
-select ‘Web Part Security’
-scroll down to ‘Scriptable Web Parts’ and select ‘Allows contributors to add or edit scriptable Web Parts’
-click OK


II) If you do not want to disable this setting, give the Full Control user ‘Approve’, ‘Manage’ and ‘Designer’ permissions, in ADDITION to ‘Full Control’

Hope this blog will help you achieving what you want.

Happy SharePointing 🙂