Enable empty SP search textbox does not update results

Hi Guys, This post is about enabling empty search queries. By default, when user press ‘Enter’ on an empty Search Box, nothing happens.  A very simple question might be asked that why would anyone search for empty string any way?  True, no one actually needs it desperately but while going in flow this case couldContinue reading “Enable empty SP search textbox does not update results”

Add welcome pop up for first time users of your site using AngularJs Material

Hi Guys, We really do only have one chance for putting a first impression for end users on our website. User’s will never land back to your website if there is nothing interesting found on web site. Same logic works for SharePoint sites too. When a visitor lands on your site for the first timeContinue reading “Add welcome pop up for first time users of your site using AngularJs Material”

Get user information SharePoint using REST Api

Hi, While working on a requirement, I encountered a scenario where I need to show welcome pop up to the first time users. First time user, SharePoint does not provide any api or any solution which gives information about users who logged on first time on your web site. I have documented the whole solutionContinue reading “Get user information SharePoint using REST Api”