Hide All Day Event and Recurrence field from SharePoint Calendar in SharePoint

A very basic requirement under the SharePoint Calendar list is to hide All Day Event column from all the forms and libraries. It looks very easy but unfortunately there is not direct way of implementing this change. One have to install SharePoint designer in order to achieve this requirement. Let explain in this blog how this requirement will be materialized.


Hide “All Day Event” column from the new form of the calendar list. This is the requirement in my case, may be you want to hide “Recurrence” column. Steps should be same in case of any out-of-box column.

You must have tried to find out the ways to hide this column from List settings > columns details. Firstly, this column is part of “Event” content type and will only be find under content type settings. Ok, seems easy, just visit CT settings and mark it hide.

Well, life is not so easy in this arena. These three columns are not allowed to update as these are handled by SharePoint itself.


  1. Install SharePoint Designer on your machine. It works for all version of sharepoint so SPD is the best option to make changes.
  2. Open the SharePoint site where Calendar list resides.
  3. Click on the List and Libraries sections.
  4. Find out where the Calendar list of present and click to open this list.
  5. While you are under List details screen on right portion of the screen, find out Content types section.
  6. There must be “Event” content type visible under the list content types. Click on the content type “Event” to open its details.
  7. Now under customization section, click “Edit content type columns” option. This will navigate you to a columns details page.
  8. On this screen, select “All Day Event”.
  9. Under Property column you can see three options. From the drop down select Hidden(Will not appear in forms)
  10. Or, When you have selected “All Day Event” column, navigate to top ribbon and select “Administrative Web Page”
  11. It will navigate you on a browser and open a page where you can easily select option: Hidden(Will not appear in forms)

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