AngularJS: Export Json object to Excel using AlaSQL

Hello, I have spent significant time developing AngularJS and Angular 2 applications. But this requirement is quite new to me. Well, user wants to export to excel feature on one of our application page where we are using filtered data based upon some parameters. The design decision was on me whether to choose server sideContinue reading “AngularJS: Export Json object to Excel using AlaSQL”

AngularJS: Bind UI Select selection sequentially

Hello, I felt lucky to work with angularJS with the integration with SharePoint(as backend) in my recent project. There was a requirement to have two drop-downs on a single page application where on selection of one; other drop-down value will be automatically filtered.  I am going to share with you guys that how I haveContinue reading “AngularJS: Bind UI Select selection sequentially”