Get Yammer Group Details using PowerShell

Hello Guys, While working with cloud platform you might face any random requirement from your clients. I was asked if it is possible to work with yammer using Powershell commands. My first thought was it should not be easy to do but with very first internet search, I found REST APIs which are exposed byContinue reading “Get Yammer Group Details using PowerShell”

Powershell: Update “Subsite Templates” under AreaTemplateSettings.aspx

Hi, This time I am discussing about how one can update the “AvailableWebTemplates” once you have created a site. Just for the information, we can define this property in Onet.xml while creating any new site. But what if you have created sites, sub sites underneath and sub sub sites underneath, in that case you needContinue reading “Powershell: Update “Subsite Templates” under AreaTemplateSettings.aspx”