Creating Custom Activity feed

Hi all, SharePoint provide a excellent feature under my site which display the recent activities of the user performed recently using Recent Activities web part and for colleagues activities it provides My newsfeed web part. These web parts will show only those activities which users was configured under “Edit My Profile” page. Following is theContinue reading “Creating Custom Activity feed”

Sharepoint silverlight World Analog Clock Webpart

Hi, SharePoint 2010 has built-in support for Silverlight Web Parts, making it easy to get Silverlight applications up and running. But in real scenarios sometime requirement needs more customization then its hard to integrate the requirement with out of box WebPart. In this article I will explain how a SilverLight application can be integrated toContinue reading “Sharepoint silverlight World Analog Clock Webpart”

Custom Site Map Web Part using dynamic Asp Menu

Hi, Site Map is a very important feature for the users to have a high level view of all sites and even for cross site navigation. I have implement recently a very basic Site map webpart which iterate through all the site collections with in a web application and display them as a tree viewContinue reading “Custom Site Map Web Part using dynamic Asp Menu”

Custom Cross site collection Navigation using user control

Hi, Sometimes the out of box navigation does not provides us the type of navigation wants on the whole application. To make such custom navigation which is consistent throughout many site collection it is batter to create a custom user control and simply register it in to the master page. Applying the same master pageContinue reading “Custom Cross site collection Navigation using user control”

Add a webpart to page using Onet/Feature

Hi, Custom home page is quite common requirement for any development project. This post helps you if you need to add out of box web part to page. This post contains good details how to deploy custom page. The AllUsersWebPart tag allow us to insert a custom/Out of box web part and It also containsContinue reading “Add a webpart to page using Onet/Feature”

Set Home page of sharepoint sites

Hi, According to the client’s requirement, every site must be set as a custom home page other then “Pages/Default.aspx”. I have added a site definition using CKSDev tool and add this page using Onet.xml. Next step is to create a feature at web level which should contains following code: SPFolder rootFolder = properties.Web.RootFolder; rootFolder.WelcomePage =Continue reading “Set Home page of sharepoint sites”

Add calendar summary view list view webpart

Hi, Sometimes client asked to add list view web part on the home page of the site. Its easy to add this view just by user interface with some little configuration changes. But using the feature you must know the trick to get the summary view of the calender list. Use following code just createContinue reading “Add calendar summary view list view webpart”

Custom Content Query webpart httpcontext issue

Hi, While working with custom content query webparts, I have faced some unexpected errors while adding or modifying the webpart through code. After exploring some blogs I found that webpart modification required http context information to implement any modification. So before we fetch the page webpart manager, we must define the context information using theContinue reading “Custom Content Query webpart httpcontext issue”