JQuery: Get Rid off SharePoint Spell Check

Hi Guys, After spending 3-4 hours of struggle, I finally found way to get rid off irritating SharePoint Spell checker. It caught people picker too under the umbrella of spell check, but why, usually it does not required. Well again it may be the requirement. But for my case, I don’t want it to watchContinue reading “JQuery: Get Rid off SharePoint Spell Check”

Powershell: Change Like and comments settings of a library

Hi, Recently I was working on the requirement to enable the like and comments settings of any library. So I prefer to use PowerShell script for same. I am sharing the code as below: function Change-SettingsForLikeComment() { # Change page library settings for Likes and comments $list=$web.Lists[“Pages”]; if($list -ne $null) { Write-Host $list.Title “not null”;Continue reading “Powershell: Change Like and comments settings of a library”

Powershell: Update “Subsite Templates” under AreaTemplateSettings.aspx

Hi, This time I am discussing about how one can update the “AvailableWebTemplates” once you have created a site. Just for the information, we can define this property in Onet.xml while creating any new site. But what if you have created sites, sub sites underneath and sub sub sites underneath, in that case you needContinue reading “Powershell: Update “Subsite Templates” under AreaTemplateSettings.aspx”