Trigger a SP workflow on a timer basis: Information management policies

How to trigger a workflow on a timer basis: Information management policies Steps: Configure settings on Document Library: Open SharePoint Site and go to Library Settings of document library where you want to configure Information Management Policies. On Library Settings Page click on the Content Type for which you want to configure Information Management Policies.Continue reading “Trigger a SP workflow on a timer basis: Information management policies”

Get Yammer Group Details using PowerShell

Hello Guys, While working with cloud platform you might face any random requirement from your clients. I was asked if it is possible to work with yammer using Powershell commands. My first thought was it should not be easy to do but with very first internet search, I found REST APIs which are exposed byContinue reading “Get Yammer Group Details using PowerShell”

Search Display Template: Show manager display name

In this post, I will explain how you can display the any user manager’s information in search display template. I assume here that you already have search configured on your SharePoint environment and basic knowledge of managed properties and search display template. SharePoint introduced a technique for presenting search results: Display Templates during its 2013Continue reading “Search Display Template: Show manager display name”

Access SharePoint Online using Postman

There are number of ways to access the SharePoint API to fetch or update its resources. In all the ways, the authentication plays the important role in authorizing the access to get the information. As a developer, you may very much interested in using the PostMan tool for accessing the REST APIs. Postman Chrome ExtensionContinue reading “Access SharePoint Online using Postman”

Hide All Day Event and Recurrence field from SharePoint Calendar in SharePoint

A very basic requirement under the SharePoint Calendar list is to hide All Day Event column from all the forms and libraries. It looks very easy but unfortunately there is not direct way of implementing this change. One have to install SharePoint designer in order to achieve this requirement. Let explain in this blog howContinue reading “Hide All Day Event and Recurrence field from SharePoint Calendar in SharePoint”

Angular 5: Intallation and configuration with Angular CLI

Hi Guys, In this blog, I am sharing how one can easily install angular (version 5.2.0). Angular 6 beta is out till date, which is not yet stable. Most of developers are excited to try one of the most modern and powerful frontend JS framework. Here is the quick guide to install angular 5 with CLIContinue reading “Angular 5: Intallation and configuration with Angular CLI”

AngularJS: Export Json object to Excel using AlaSQL

Hello, I have spent significant time developing AngularJS and Angular 2 applications. But this requirement is quite new to me. Well, user wants to export to excel feature on one of our application page where we are using filtered data based upon some parameters. The design decision was on me whether to choose server sideContinue reading “AngularJS: Export Json object to Excel using AlaSQL”

AngularJS: Bind UI Select selection sequentially

Hello, I felt lucky to work with angularJS with the integration with SharePoint(as backend) in my recent project. There was a requirement to have two drop-downs on a single page application where on selection of one; other drop-down value will be automatically filtered.  I am going to share with you guys that how I haveContinue reading “AngularJS: Bind UI Select selection sequentially”

CSS Trick: Create tag icon with dynamic text width using Pure CSS

Hi Guys, If you are searching for a tag icon which can be used to show few keywords on any page. Then this is the place where you can find a very simple trick to generate it with in few minutes. The icon created using this CSS trick has feature that it can take dynamic widthContinue reading “CSS Trick: Create tag icon with dynamic text width using Pure CSS”

SharePoint : Custom Task Email with Outlook ribbon control “Open this Task”

Hi Guys, It was really interesting to work with my latest client. They had an very interesting and innovated idea to automate their manual file approval process.  The requirement was to create a multistage state machine workflow where users have privilege to approve and reject documents with some comments. It was very interesting to work with endContinue reading “SharePoint : Custom Task Email with Outlook ribbon control “Open this Task””