Configure PDF files support in Sharepoint.

Hi, Out of box SharePoint search does not includes the PDF file support which means it didn’t recognize that you have uploaded a file with extension .pdf. There is very easy integration of Adobe Ifilter with SharePoint just by doing some administrative changes on SharePoint server. I am documenting the steps below: 1) Install PDFContinue reading “Configure PDF files support in Sharepoint.”

Create and configure search for new Custom Scopes

Hi, Concept of search scopes was introduced just to allow user to narrow the searches on the basis of the content sources, external sites and metadata properties. Scopes are the integral part of the search UI by providing user to select the desired scope using the drop down. These can also be per-configured search webContinue reading “Create and configure search for new Custom Scopes”

Configuring Enterprise search site

Hi, In my few previous post, I described how search service application has been created and configured. But just creating a service application doesn’t solve our purpose. We must have some page or site where user can use this application to perform search. SharePoint has some built in site templates(Enterprise search) to use search applicationContinue reading “Configuring Enterprise search site”

Configure external site as content sources in sharepoint search

Hi, In my previous post(Creating and configuring Search service application) I explained how to configure the search service application and its configuration. We can also search the external sites content using the SharePoint search just by creating new content source. Follow the given steps to create the new content source for external site. To getContinue reading “Configure external site as content sources in sharepoint search”

Creating and configuring Search service application

SP 2010 provides all the basic search functionalists like MOSS 2007 search was providing. Along with default features it also facilitates end user with few interesting features. With batter enhancements in search query, new search model enables end users to create and run more effective search queries. It also enables users to search the enterpriseContinue reading “Creating and configuring Search service application”