Trigger a SP workflow on a timer basis: Information management policies

How to trigger a workflow on a timer basis: Information management policies Steps: Configure settings on Document Library: Open SharePoint Site and go to Library Settings of document library where you want to configure Information Management Policies. On Library Settings Page click on the Content Type for which you want to configure Information Management Policies.Continue reading “Trigger a SP workflow on a timer basis: Information management policies”

Search Display Template: Show manager display name

In this post, I will explain how you can display the any user manager’s information in search display template. I assume here that you already have search configured on your SharePoint environment and basic knowledge of managed properties and search display template. SharePoint introduced a technique for presenting search results: Display Templates during its 2013Continue reading “Search Display Template: Show manager display name”

Create a workflow with elevated permissions by using the SharePoint Workflow platform

Hello, There are various reasons that one requires elevated privileges to list/site workflow. Most common use case is, if workflow need to fetch data from some other list/library at site collection/sub site level. SharePoint App-Only is the older, but still very relevant, model of setting up app-principals. This model works for both SharePoint Online andContinue reading “Create a workflow with elevated permissions by using the SharePoint Workflow platform”

JQuery: Get Rid off SharePoint Spell Check

Hi Guys, After spending 3-4 hours of struggle, I finally found way to get rid off irritating SharePoint Spell checker. It caught people picker too under the umbrella of spell check, but why, usually it does not required. Well again it may be the requirement. But for my case, I don’t want it to watchContinue reading “JQuery: Get Rid off SharePoint Spell Check”

Powershell: Change Like and comments settings of a library

Hi, Recently I was working on the requirement to enable the like and comments settings of any library. So I prefer to use PowerShell script for same. I am sharing the code as below: function Change-SettingsForLikeComment() { # Change page library settings for Likes and comments $list=$web.Lists[“Pages”]; if($list -ne $null) { Write-Host $list.Title “not null”;Continue reading “Powershell: Change Like and comments settings of a library”

Classic mode Web Application in Sharepoint 2013

Hi Guys, I was doing the migration from SP 2010 to SP 2013. The purpose of this post is to discuss how we can easily create classic mode web application in SP 2013. You must be knowing that we are having option to select the authentication mode “Claims based” or “Classic Mode”. But unfortunately inContinue reading “Classic mode Web Application in Sharepoint 2013”

SharePoint: Download a file programatically

Hi All, Downloading a file from SharePoint using the code is not a typical task. In .net we usually get the binary of the file and check the content type of the file based on extension and then write the binary to the HttpResponse of the page and bingooo!!!! Its not that much complicated ifContinue reading “SharePoint: Download a file programatically”

CKS Development Tool kit for VS 2012 is Available

Hi, If you are a SharePoint developer, you must be knowing about the CKS dev tool which helps developers to deploy solutions. No controversy on this fact that this is top most tool to be used for creating SharePoint solutions with Visual Studio. It is really good news for all those who has been egregiouslyContinue reading “CKS Development Tool kit for VS 2012 is Available”

Change Favicon for SP 2013

Hi guys, Favicon, Sometimes user come across some websites which shows logo instead of explorer logo in Address bar. A typical example is Google, login to Google with IE and watch address bar. You can see Google logo then the URL. This icon is stored in the PC when we add the sites as bookmarks.Continue reading “Change Favicon for SP 2013”